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220v 8a pwm brushed dc motor speed control 220dp08bl, find complete details about 220v 8a pwm brushed dc motor speed control 220dp08bl, brushed dc motor speed control, 220v dc motor speed control, 220v pwm dc controller - jinan keya electronic science and technology co., ltd

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  • 220DP08BL

Product information

brushed dc motor contorller 220dp08bl

220dp06bl  current: 6a

220dp08bl  current: 8a

3d藏机图天气网220dp10bl  current: 10a

3d藏机图天气网220dp13bl  current: 13a

Jinan Keya MMT Series servo control system, PWM DC speed-regulating system are the high-precision electronic speed-adjusting devices with the latest international digital control speed regulation technology and special parts. The device adopts international standard technical specifications with the technical indicators which meet international requirements of similar products. The brushed dc motor controller has a simple structure, small size, light weight, and other advantages, which can be used for SZ series, ZYT series, Z2 Series with DC motor stepless speed regulation ranging from tens of Watts to 5KW. The product has multiple protection, security, stability and reliability. It can be fully compatible with similar international products, and has international quality and home-made prices.

Scope of application:
MMT series of DC speed governor are widely used in the machine tools, paper printing, textile printing and dyeing, fiber-optic cable equipment, packaging machinery, electrotechnical machinery, food processing machinery, rubber machinery, biological equipment, printed circuit board equipment, experimental equipment, welding cutting, light industry machinery, logistics transportation equipment, locomotives and rolling stock, medical equipment, communication equipment, and other industries.

Ⅰ. Characteristics of products
1. PWM pulse width modulation technology, low noise
2. Speed regulation ratio 1:100 (open-loop)
3. The starting torque at low speed is big
4. Double closed loops PI regulation
5. Current settings, current limiting protection, over-current warning, output stop.
6. Setting function of soft starting. (0.3-10 seconds adjustable)
7. Torque compensation adjustment
8. The maximum output limit function
9. Short-circuit protection
10. Self-inspection alarm output function
11. Standard signal interface (After fitting signal isolator, the device can adapt to various D \ A   signal, 0-5 V or 0-10 V or 4-20 mA)
12. With fast response and good following.
13. Function of enabling block control.

Ⅱ. The main technical parameters
1. The input voltage: AC   110V/220V ± 10%
2.  The output voltage: DC  0 ~ 110V/220V or other voltage can be set
3.  Rated output current: DC 6A  8A 10A
4.  Rated excitation voltage / current: DC 220V(110)/3A
5.  The output voltage accuracy: ≤1%
6.  The environment temperature: -10 º C to +60 º C
7.  The environment Humidity: ≤1% 80 RH relative humidity. (Non-condensing)

220DP06-08BL connect 无LOGO

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